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letting the mind wander

and the heart follow


NorthRoad Creations is a company inspired by life and all the beauty it contains. We love to learn and create things that will bring joy to the people who buy them. All of our products are hand crafted with love and care. It is our sincere hope that, whether you purchase anything today or not, you leave this site inspired to do something different or learn something new. 



We are husband and wife best friends who love to create. Everything we make is handmade; we cut all of our products with a scroll saw. We do not use lasers or computers to do the work for us. That is why each product will look slightly different, and we love that!

We also have a passion for refinishing furniture. When we buy a piece to renovate we put our heart into giving it new life. If you are interested in buying a piece please contact us. We also have an inventory of furniture waiting to be loved, so please let us know if you are looking for anything specific. 


We absolutely LOVE social media. Like, love it! We definitely encourage you to check us out and follow. You will see our newest products as we make them as well as have some fun. Click the links below to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or send us an email. We are also on Facebook under "NorthRoad Creations". 

Local to Oklahoma and have an eye on one of our products? Skip the shipping charge; many of our products are carried at DNA Galleries in the Plaza District in OKC.




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